I am a leaf on the wind...watch how i~
I am a leaf on the wind...watch how i~

I am a leaf on the wind...watch how i~

Michael 20.. California. Pretty much a random blog of things i like. I dont know how to interact with people so that sucks. i need friends...
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Stressed, depressed and too poor to be well dressed

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I actually can’t cope with this

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As a 4 year old, this was the funniest thing I’d ever seen. I think I talked about it for days.

This is still funny to me.

Grover bits were always the best.

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Have some flower crown Team Avatar to cheer you up after that last season of Korra!


Here’s my second print to go with my chocobo one… I didn’t get as much done this summer as I thought I would, but I think the stuff I did get to came out really well!

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Justice League: War

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Dangers of online friends:


-You become emotionally attached.
-You can’t hug them whenever you want to which is something you often forget.
-You find people who don’t judge you. At all.
-You have to learn time zones. That’s a real bummer.
-You find people who love you for you.
-You sometimes cry because you just love them so much and get super emotional when you realize they are thousands of miles away from you.

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